The 1 Ingredient chip with a CRUNCH! 100% AUSTRALIAN


Simply Air-Dried Fruit & Vegetable Chips


100% Australian Fruit & Vegetable, ALL Crunch, NO  guilt  

blushing apple chips

It’s true what they say about an apple a day. A regular hit of vitamin C and fibre helps boost the immune system.

apple up and crunch one today

earthy beetroot chips

These vibrant air-dried beets are off-the-scale delicious, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

get down with your beets

sun-kissed orange chips

These incredible, whole orange slices are just as nature intended. Skin, pith and pips – it’s all good!

taste the sweet citrus today

ravishing tomato & irresistible zucchini chips

Tomato and zucchini pack a powerful flavour punch, plus air-drying means you can bag all the health benefits too.

crunch the power duo now

velvety kiwi & perky pineapple chips

Rise and shine with velvety kiwi and perky pineapple, mixed up for a fantastic source of fibre, vitamins and antioxidants.

get perky today

what we believe

some things in life you just shouldn’t rush. we air dry our fruit and vegetable slices to create a snack that’s light and crunchy, full of flavour and big on nutrients

nothing added

no additives or flavours are needed. our slowly air-dried, totally naked fruit and vegetable is incredible the way it is, just as nature intended

nothing taken away

air-drying the freshest, in season ingredients keeps all the goodness in while creating a chip with incredible crunch

just bare-naked goodness

fruit and vegetables as gloriously naked as the day they were picked in sunny Australia 

our values

what we promise to you 

pure & simple

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