Nudus Aqua range is the ultimate on-the-go fruit infused water hydration that is refreshing, delicious, and nutrition filled 

Drinking plenty of water is good for every cell in our body.  Hydrating with the nudus aqua range of Fruit and Herb Infused Water is not only convenient, refreshing and delicious but also provides you with a host of nutritional benefits (antioxidants, vitamins & minerals) while helping you stay hydrated. 

Fruit and herb-infused water made with nudus aqua naturally flavors water without adding excess sugar or sweeteners.

Beautifully presented in an elegant gift box, containing - 

  • Fruit Infuser Bottle -specially designed fruit infuser 800 ml bottle and cotton cloth cover bag
  • Nudus Aqua Fruit & Herb Sachets- 20 convenient nudus aqua fruit/herb sachets – making more than 20 days and 40 litres of freshly infused water hydration
  • Delicious Flavours - 5 delicious Australian fruit & herb blends to deliver stunningly great taste and body wellness –
    • Watermelon Mint Breeze - Australian Watermelon, Lime & Mint
    • Citrus Melon Buzz - Australian Rockmelon & Orange
    • Cool Cucumber Mint - Australian Lemon, Cucumber & Mint
    • Red Dragon Fruit Cooler - Australian Red Dragon Fruit, Pineapple & Orange
    • Pineapple Tropical Fusion - Australian Pineapple, Cucumber and Rockmelon 


The Nudus Aqua elegant box provides so much more - 

  • The Perfect Gift - A beautiful gift to give yourself, friends, and family 
  • Storage - A generous size box that will make the perfect storage for all your future refill sachets 


Enjoy Nudus Aqua Infused Water at Your Next Gathering 

Recharge, Revive and Rejuvenate your body with the natural goodness of Nudus Aqua fruits and herbs blends. Anytime. Anywhere.

Conveniently sealed in ready-to-go sachets to be enjoyed in your own bottle or for sharing & entertaining at home, work or gatherings.

Great for entertaining! Make a variety of flavored waters with nudus aqua to offer at your next party. It's refreshing, healthy, and beautiful. 

Use any oversized pitcher and simply fill with ice, add your nudus aqua fruit sachets, top up with water and your guests will never be happier hydrated.