Cauliflower Mediterranean Chips - 9 Packs ($4.89 / 40g Pack)

Everyone's dream - The Mediterranean Medley. Creating your favourite Mediterranean salad into a deliciously tasty salad chip using all the real and fresh ingredients. A chip so carefully handcrafted using fresh cauliflower, tomatoes, garlic, red onion, paprika, zesty lemon juice, and other real and whole ingredients to create the ultimate chip that will keep you wanting more. Slowly air-dried, never fried, and never baked. 

Enjoy your Cauliflower Mediterranean Chips on their own or add them to your antipasto board and dip away or crunch them over your favourite meal for that extra natural flavour. There are endless ways to enjoy these perfect salad chips anywhere, on any occasion. 

The box includes; 

  • Cauliflower Mediterranean Chips x 40g (9 packs)

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