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fruit chips box - 12 bags ($2.75 / 20g bag)

Get your sweet and crunchy fruit fix with our delicious air-dried apple slices. Core, seeds, skin, it’s all in, which means that you’re getting the maximum goodness and flavour from every light and crispy chip.

Get ready for a full-on, fruity flavour explosion. Our bright and beautiful air-dried fruit slices capture the sweet zing of perky Australian pineapple, with an irresistibly light and crispy twist. There’s nothing added and nothing taken away.

If you could bag the flavour of summer, it would taste just like our kiwi and pineapple chips. Slowly air-drying keeps all that punchy tropical fruit flavour in, plus because everything but the skin’s included too you can pack even more nutrients.

For more inspiration, check out our recipes.

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