The Entertainer Gift Box

Gift a special someone this year or treat yourself to the Nudus Entertainer Gift Box. 

Filled with delicious, natural, vibrant goodness that will nourish your soul, body and leave you feeling amazing. 

This is the perfect entertainer box for your festivities and summer fun.

Nudus InfusionsAdd these beautiful dried citrus slices to any drink and enjoy the explosion of colour and natural flavour that will fill your glass with tropical goodness. The perfect drink garnish that will keep you and all your guests wanting more.

They are ideal for cocktails, gin, vodka and non-alcoholic drinks as well as the perfect addition to your food platters and cakes and dessert garnishes. 

These handcrafted air dried infusion citrus fruits are beautifully presented in jute bow ribboned recyclable PET clear resealable jars designed for re-use at home for various storage and display purposes.

Nudus Aqua - Recharge, Revive and Rejuvenate your body with the natural goodness of Nudus Aqua fruits and herbs blends. Anytime. Anywhere. Five amazingly delicious and refreshing infused fruit & herb water blends. Handcrafted with convenience, flavour and nutritional goodness in mind, resulting in a sensational blend of water with subtle fruit and herb flavour infusions. 

Conveniently sealed in ready-to-go sachets to be enjoyed in your own bottle or for sharing & entertaining at home, work or gatherings.

Enjoy your fruit & herb infused water in your very own specifically designed Nudus Aqua 800mL fruit infuser bottle. It has its own inbuilt fruit basket to capture fruit in place for optimum infusion and flavour. Enjoy it with you anywhere with its stylish easy-to-carry design and sip on your delicious infused water on-the-go all day with its refillable functionality. 

Great for entertaining! Make a variety of flavored waters with nudus aqua to offer at your next party. It's refreshing, healthy, and beautiful. Use any oversized pitcher and simply fill with ice, add your nudus aqua fruit sachets, top up with water and your guests will never be happier hydrated.  

The Nudus Entertainer Gift Box 

Beautifully presented in an elegant gift box, The Nudus Entertainer Gift Box contains; 

  • Australian Pineapple Infusions Slices - 1 Jar x 100g 
  • Australian Blood Orange Infusions Slices - 1 Jar x 100g 
  • Nudus Aqua Fruit Infuser Bottle - 1 x 800mL bottle 
  • Nudus Aqua Fruit & Herb Sachets - 10 sachets, 2 of each delicious and nutritious fruit & herb blends 

              -  Watermelon Mint Breeze x 2 sachets 
              -  Red Dragon Fruit Cooler x 2 sachets 
              -  Pineapple Tropical Fusion x 2 sachets 
              -  Cool Cucumber Mint x 2 sachets 
              -  Citrus Melon Buzz x 2 sachets 

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